Team Endeavour Racing

Develop, Inspire, Challenge

‘Team Endeavour Racing’ uses entry-level power boating (Thundercat Racing) to create an enjoyable and stimulating environment to develop, inspire and challenge in a demanding and difficult time while transitioning from the Armed Forces into a secure and rewarding civilian career. The project is solely managed, raced and supported by its own WIS personnel and veterans who thrive in a challenging marine environment.

The project was inspired and set up after a successful campaign by Team Endeavour to compete in the Fastnet Race 2013, it prides itself on the same values and goals to develop personal and team development post injury in the Armed Forces.

In 2015 The team competed in the Thundercat National Race series and the UIM P750 World Championship in Malta. Unlike other smaller, expensive and often elitist classes of powerboat racing most teams have only one hull, one engine, two propellers making the racing simple, safe and affordable! Skill and ability is the leveler of this highly competitive championship. ThunderCat Racing is a UIM worldwide powerboat series that specialises in grass root racing, offering both National and International championships. The series is certainly not a new concept, born out of South Africa over 30 years ago, the sport has now spanned to over 18 countries. The ultimate spectator experience with it’s close to shore circuits, ensure all the action can be seen from the comfort of your deck chair! Each country around the world race to the UIM P750 Circuit rules, the same format of classes and courses; testing rookies, experienced and expert competitors to their limits. The sport has three carefully designed disciplines to test teams in all aspects that the sea or lake can throw at them.

  • M-SHAPE – Mainly run in Surf; is a short course approx. 200m x 300m – Boats can be seen to fly up to 6m in the air!!
  • CIRCUIT – Where speed begins; this is a larger course approx. 500m x 500m for achieving the maximum speed the tunnel hull can provide (110kpm)
  • LONGHAUL/ENDURO – Separates the men from the mice; generally over a distance of 100km+ teams will be race down the coasts lines and rivers to specific locations, Whilst the Driver beaches the boat, the Co-driver runs around a checkpoint.

Open to Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) personnel and veterans, Team Endeavour Racing provides a foundation as a transition vehicle to support and empower its members into future employment, training or education with the help of its network, partners and with the use of peer mentoring.

After a successful season in 2015 where the team competed in the Thundercat National Race series and the UIM P750 World Championship in Malta, Team Endeavour Racing will look to compete at the 2016 National series and UIM P750 European Championship in Sweden.

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