Operation Surf UK 2017

January 2016

Op SURF UK is a joint initiative, executed by Help For Heroes Sports Recovery and supported by the Endeavour Fund. Op SURF UK aims to build on the lessons learnt by wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and veterans (WIS) through their attendance on the Op SURF courses in the USA, delivered by Amazing Surf Adventures over the past few years. Many of the WIS who took part described the incredibly positive impact on their well-being and many have continued their love of surfing upon returning to the UK.

In September 2016, we invited 20 WIS to Watergate Bay in Cornwall to take part in our inaugrual week long surf course based primarily on introducing them to the sport.

We are proud that Op SURF UK will be a very accessible endeavour, with top rated instructors to ensure that everyone will experience the rush of catching their first wave.

Op Surf in 2016 was a fantastic success and we are very grateful for the support of AIG, our corporate partner.

We will be repeating this endeavour in September 2017 with Help for Heroes, and further developping the programme to offer as many opportunties as possible to those inolved.  Op Surf will be open to beginners and all Wounded, injured and sick.


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