Oman Expedition 2017

October 2017

In Oct 2017 a team of 7 WIS flew out to Oman to carry out a minimalist crossing of Oman’s Dhofar Mountains within the Jebel Samhan Nature Reserve.

Their aim was to lose the trappings and distractions of modern technology and kit, taking the bare essentials into the desert.The primary goal of this 120km, camel-supported desert traverse was to follow the southern ridge from Hadbeen to Mirbat. This culturally immersive journey took them back to basics in a nomadic, live-like-a-local manner in a region steeped in history of British Military investment.

The trek finish investigating the site of The Battle of Mirbat which took place on 19 July 1972 during the Dhofar Rebellion.

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