Invictus Games

invictus games

Invictus Games, London 2014 stood as a highlight in the year’s sporting calendar as an international, multi-sport adaptive event that embraced the respect for our Armed Forces and the strong desire to show the nation’s support for those who have sacrificed so much in service.

“Competitive sport has made all the difference to my personal recovery and rehabilitation. For a whole international community of injured ‘brothers in arms’ who flat out refuse to let themselves be beaten by their injuries, the Invictus Games in London will offer a memorable, inspiring and energising experience in their journey of recovery…”CAPTAIN DAVID HENSON

The Invictus Games were an opportunity to invite our friends from other countries to participate, with whom we have fought side by side in recent conflicts.  The UK was joined by twelve other countries from around the world, whose 430 representatives competed in nine different events across five days of sport and ceremony held in iconic venues across London, utilising the amazing facilities left behind in the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Endeavour Fund was a key stakeholder in the early stages of Invictus Games by providing the initial seed capital required and working in partnership with the Ministry of Defence to get the project off the ground.  We were immensely proud to be involved in this exciting project from the very start and pleased to help provide opportunities to so many people to focus and catalyse their recovery through sport.

We are so glad that the public joined us wholeheartedly in their support for this public celebration of sport and this opportunity to highlight that our wounded, injured and sick from around the world can use competition to enhance their recovery and overcome their injuries to redefine themselves and achieve greatness through sport.

invictus games invictus games invictus games


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