65 Degrees North – Kilimanjaro

January 2016


On 4th June 2015 Peter Bowker, an amputee from the recent conflict in Afghanistan, and the team of 65 Degrees North successfully recorded the world’s first unsupported crossing of the Greenland icecap by an amputee.

The 65 Degrees North team pitted their resolve and steadfast determination as they relied on fitness and mental grit to overcome the fearsome environment of the Greenland ice cap, its temperatures of -37°c, the threat of fatigue and resident polar bears. The unsupported team covered the near 600 km crossing of the ice cap from Kangerlussuaq in the West to Kulusuk in the East. They crossed the ice cap on skis, pulling pulks, containing their food, clothing and survival equipment for their world record attempt.

In February 2016 the 65 Degrees North team will be joined by 5 injured Royal Marines and 5 female Police Officers from South Wales Police and collectively become ‘Team Kili’. Team Kili will undertake the challenge of Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Royal Marines Charity which provides a better quality of life to serving and retired Royal Marines and their families. 65D North team member Rich Morgan is the expedition lead.

“Changing the perception of physical and mental disability through the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ 65DN hopes to inspire and motivate others to overcome, achieve and succeed. Conquering Kili is being undertaken to promote disability awareness and recognise the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a normal reaction to extreme trauma and it is vital to de-stigmatise this condition in order for sufferers to seek early diagnosis and treatment’.

The Endeavour Fund is delighted to again be associated with the 65 Degrees North Team.

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