World First for 65 Degrees North team

In the early hours of this morning, Pete Bowker became the world’s first amputee to cross the Greenland Ice Cap unsupported

This has been a huge challenge for Pete and the other members of the 65 Degrees North team, especially over the past week when fatigue has set in, Pete’s stump has suffered with blisters and the team have been forced to batten down the hatches in a series of ice storms.

The viscious storms have meant the team have had to carefully ration their food as they spent more time on the ice than expected but after over three weeks the mission is now successfully completed and the team will be reunited with their support crew in Iceland this evening.

65 Degrees North has covered nearly 600 km of ice from Kangerlussuaq in the West to Kulusuk in the East. They crossed the ice cap on skis, pulling pulks, containing their food, clothing and survival equipment for their successful world record attempt through night and day whilst remaining vigilant to the constant threat of Polar Bears!

The team hope to raise funds for Help For Heroes so that other wounded personnel and veterans can benefit from their support.  The team actively engaged with community youth groups in Wales before the expedition and intend to continue upon their return; inspiring others through their amazing endeavour.