Participants needed for study of long-term impact of veterans’ injuries from recent conflicts

ADVANCE is looking for participants to take part in its study looking at how the injuries suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan will affect veterans’ long-term future

Advance (ArmeD SerVices TrAuma RehabilitatioN OutComE Study) is a study looking at how the injuries suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan will affect veterans’ long-term future. The study will investigate medical (in particular cardiovascular disease and osteoarthritis) and psychosocial outcomes.

Whilst we can learn from the experiences of those who have undergone non-traumatic and non-blast amputation, it is difficult to compare results with our injured men and women because of the nature of injuries caused by IEDs. This 20-year study hopes to change this and use the knowledge acquired to help, support and plan the best care possible for present & future generations of our injured servicemen and women.

This study will look into veterans’ long-term health and welfare and learn from their challenges so that they can, where possible, support them as they are discharged from the Armed Services and try to prevent any harmful outcomes in future injured servicemen and women.

This research project is being undertaken by Wg Cdr Alex Bennett on behalf of the Surgeon General.

What is involved with the study?
You’ll be required to spend a day at Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre where you’ll take part in different medical tests, scans and questionnaires.

Why should I take part?
There are huge benefits for yourself (you’ll get a really comprehensive health check up for the next 20 years) and at the same time you’ll be advancing science that will help you as you age with injury.

This study will also be of huge help to the WIS community as they benefit from research that will fundamentally help them in the long run.

Where is the study being conducted?
Headley Court

When can I take part?
Mon-Fri on a day suitable for you. You need to sign up in the next few months – you cannot join the study after the first wave of measurements.

How often do I have to take part?
One day now, another in 3 years’ time and then every five years for the subsequent 20 years.

How can I sign up?
You can sign up via

IMPORTANT – please read the participant information sheet carefully before signing up to make sure you are aware of the study requirements and eligibility criteria. You can find this information sheet here:

Where can I find out more info?
Check out this participant info sheet with lots of frequently asked questions:

Additional information:
Travel expenses are covered and each participant will receive £100. All the information about your participation in this study will be kept confidential. The ADVANCE study is also looking for soldiers and veterans who aren’t part of the wounded, injured and sick community so please do spread the message.