Neil Heritage’s Climb 2 Recovery Matterhorn attempt – update

Update on Neil Heritage's Climb 2 Recovery Matterhorn climb

Neil Heritage, who was attempting to become the first double above the knee to summit the Matterhorn, has made the decision to turn back.

Neil explains: “We went out just after 5:30am and climbed for about 5 ½ hours. We realised how far we had to go – at least another 7 hours. I was really starting to suffer at that stage so we made the call to turn around and come back down. It’s been a massive day and I’ve got nothing left. So I think we made the right call.”

David Wiseman from the Endeavour Fund said: “Neil’s attempt was a magnificent and audacious effort and we’re all incredibly proud of him. Knowing him as well as I know, it won’t have been an easy decision for him to turn back but as American mountaineer Ed Visteurs said: ‘getting to the top is optional, getting down again is mandatory.’ So we’re just glad he’s back safe and can rest up.”

In September, Neil will be returning to the Alps and using his experience to inspire others when he leads a team of other wounded, injured and sick Servicemen on an introductory alpine course, supported by the Endeavour Fund.