Former Royal Marine, Lee Spencer rows the Atlantic and breaks two world records

Lee Spencer a former Royal Marine has become the first physically disabled person to row from mainland Europe to mainland South America. He completed this row across the Atlantic in 60 days, beating the able-bodied record by an incredible 36 days.

Lee undertook this row to show that nobody should be defined by disability and raised awareness and funds for The Endeavour Fund and The Royal Marines Charity.

In 2015, Lee was part of the first-ever all-amputee Britsh military team to successfully row an ocean. They were a team of 4 veterans, with just 3 legs between them and completed the endeavour in 46 days, 6 hours and 49 minutes breaking the first World Record for physically disabled people rowing the Atlantic.

Four years on and Lee decided to take on this incredible challenge again. Lee set off his row in January from Gran Canaria, attempting to beat Stein Hoff’s world record of 96 days, 12 hours 45 minutes and we’re in awe of how far he has come on his journey, once again showing that sport is a powerful tool for recovery.