Endeavour Fund Awards 2019

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the 2019 Endeavour Fund Awards on Thursday 7th February. The awards recognise the significant achievement of nine nominees – all members of the Armed Forces Community who were injured or fell ill in service, but have gone on to use sport and adventurous challenge as part of their recovery and rehabilitation.

There are three nominees for each award that have been chosen from a long list of applicants. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex chaired a judging panel to decide which of the nominees for each category would be announced as the winner at the awards.

The nine nominees have incredible stories of how the Endeavour Fund and the organisations it supports helped their recovery and rehabilitation, and acclimatisation to life after the military, and in most cases, how they themselves have helped others move beyond injury.

“You do not have to be defined by your injury or disability. It does not have to hold you back. You may not realise or appreciate it yet, but do not underestimate the incredible impact you are having on those around you, by simply being yourself.” – The Duke of Sussex



This award is presented to the individual who has best utilised their endeavour to promote and catalyse their recovery. From Kevin Carr, nominated following the 1,000 mile Walk of America Expedition, Amy Klepacz who cycled the Munda Biddi trail, one of the toughest cycles in the world to Kelly Ganfield who was the first visually-impaired athelete to claim a medal at the Invictus Games in Sydney.

Winner: Kelly Ganfield



This award is presented to the individual who has endeavoured to achieve excellence in their chosen sport or adventure challenge.

Josh Boggi, has been nominated after becoming the world’s first triple amputee PADI Rescue Diver. After training with Team Endeavour Racing, Daisy Coleman, has been enormously successful in racing,; since she was introduced to the sport in 2012, she has won 31 gold, 18 silver and 11 bronze medals.Nathan Forster, Hampshire, has been nominated by ‘Flying for Freedom’ after going from having no experience of flying, to flying 737’s for TUI.

Winner: Nathan Forster



The award is given to the person who has best inspired others through the demonstration of determination in the face of adversity, whilst endeavouring to support others with their recovery through sport or adventure challenge.

With the support of the Armed Forces Para Snowsports Team, Darren Swift began snowboarding and challenging perceptions on what is possible beyond injury, as a double-amputee had not been seen snowboarding on the slopes before. Mark Brightwell, has been nominated by ‘Climb 2 Recovery’ where he has helped to lead on an alpine expedition, helping other veterans with their recovery.

Winner: Shaun Pascoe