Endeavour Fund announces new approach to impacting communities

“These endeavours are hopefully not only reminding you that you are valued members of society – but also the very best kind of role models we could ask for.

So from now on, when you’re getting involved with an endeavour, we’re going to ask you to think about how you will use your experience to impact those around you, be it in your own home or the world at large.”

Read The Duke of Sussex’s full speech here

In 2019, The Endeavour Fund will move into a new phase of operations that will see it build upon its existing remit of supporting the ambitions of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and Veterans (WIS) to use sport and adventurous challenge as part of their recovery and rehabilitation.

This new approach will see the continuation of this support but with a focus on encouraging and empowering participants to use their endeavour experiences to have a wider, more pro-social impact on their communities.

Pro-social impact could include enabling participants to instruct family members on their new found skills, it could involve using newly acquired talents to coach a local sports team or it could be setting aside time in the endeavour programme to have a positive effect on the environment in which they’re operating.

The Endeavour Fund will provide a platform and a vehicle for participants to show that the opportunities used to support the WIS community have been well received and whilst they continue to rebuild purpose and identity post-injury, endeavour participants can concurrently use their experiences to benefit those around them.