Endeavour Fund Alumni speak about their Invictus Games experience

Some Endeavour Fund alumni share what Invictus Games meant to them

With 400+ medals awarded across nine adaptive sports, 413 competitors from 13 nations and their 1200 travelling friends and family, crowds of 65,000 in packed venues and millions watching BBC coverage – the Invictus Games were a whirlwind of action and inspiration.

Here’s what our alumni had to say about how the games impacted their lives:

Jaco Van Gas, Walking With The Wounded: “Everyone thinks cycling is an individual sport but that can’t be further from the truth. My Invictus Games highlight was sitting in the peloton seeing a train of UKAF cyclists pulling the pack around. All from a different background; all sustained different injuries but worked as a one!”

Martyn Gibbs, Military Mountain Bikers: “For me to be selected for the cycling team at the Games was a huge achievement in itself. Racing against the other nations and working as a team to get our fast guys up to the front to gain Gold and Silver reminded me of the team spirit and ethos that is strongest within the military. There were no podiums for me this time, but there will be in the future I am sure, Gold for me was being part of an amazing Invictus Games.”

Anthony Harris, Race to Recovery: “To be given the opportunity to step into the arena again side-by-side with my friends, colleagues and fellow competitors was a moment I will never forget. Together we could share our experiences and defy the hand fate had dealt us to become all that Invictus promised us… undefeated”

David Wiseman, Walking With The Wounded and Endeavour Fund project manager: “My Invictus Games highlight was to be selected for the 4x50m freestyle relay. To compete as a team with three other guys, all with different backgrounds, injuries and reasons for climbing up onto those blocks was truly amazing. To come away with the Gold…indescribable.”

Our friends at Clarence House documented the Invictus Games on Storify. Take a moment to revisit this extraordinary event and all the incredible moments that took place.

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