Buckingham Palace Reception

An Invitation to the Palace for hundreds of people dedicated to helping our nations wounded

This time of year we are brought together as a national community in unified respect for those that have sacrificed so much for this country in conflict.  For those who return from combat with scarred bodies and minds, often a second battle is just beginning.  They battle to regain their strength and return to their former selves.  However, they are not alone in this battle and many of their allies were recognised in a special function at Buckingham Palace.

Hundreds of people who work, often behind the scenes, to aid in the successful recovery and rehabilitation of our wounded service personnel were invited to attend an evening reception in the Palace.  The invitation was jointly extended by The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry to those who have worked directly with the thousands of wounded service personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan in the past decade.  Those in attendance were drawn from different stages of the recovery and rehabilitation pathway from medics who performed immediate first aid on causalities, helicopter crews that extracted them to safety, surgeons, nurses and hospital staff in both theatres of conflict and back in the UK as well as essential after care at various recovery centres including Headley Court.

Although the invitation came from The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, those in attendance were honoured to be welcomed by Her Majesty The Queen who spent the evening hearing about the amazing work performed by these tireless and dedicated people and thanking them for giving so much to help others in their hours of need.

Image credits: Giborn134 and Jimmy Harris