The Village Charity

We are delighted to announce our support to The Village charity on their unique programme in Lesotho, showcasing the positive impact of veterans on isolated communities.

The team of veteran volunteers, will join The Village’s project high in the mountains of Lesotho, in the remote town of Semonkong. Here the veterans will join existing teams supporting local shepherds, known as herd boys. Skills such as carpentry, first aid and plumbing will be shared, as well as assisting in the Lesala Night School for the shepherds which is run by The Village, where they are given a basic education.

The veteran team will also be providing support to Semonkong Children’s Centre, an orphanage for 50 children, helping install a new irrigation system for its garden as well as refurbishing its greenhouse. The impact of this work will allow the orphanage to produce enough food through the year for the children and the herd boys, as well as selling the excess in the local market.

This is the third team of veterans to travel to Semonkong this year. The Village, which works in partnership with military charity Walking With The Wounded, believes these veterans offer a unique resource to those people it is trying to support. Veterans work effectively in a team, have valuable skills and the ability to pass these on, and are able to operate efficiently in the often-harsh environment of the mountains of Lesotho. But the value of this engagement is two way. The impact on the mental health and well-being on the men and women in the veteran team has proved to be extremely beneficial to them and their own rehabilitation. Volunteering allows them not only to give back but also to see their own self-worth and purpose.

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