Naboth shares his story on how he hopes taking part in a Round Britain Challenge will help him rebuild his life

From my perspective taking part in the Round Britain Challenge will open up my mind, and help me realise who I am. I hope it will be the start of my plans for the future – it is a huge step.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to think about my life. But it’s not just me it will benefit – it will be a very hard task, not an easy road to travel down. But I know that I won’t just like it, I will love it.

I was medically discharged from the Army, but what you have to understand is that they cannot discharge the Army out of me. I left in 2003, but mentally I am still there. The mind-set of wanting a challenge is part and parcel of the military. I revisit everything that I learned in the Army, wherever I go, whatever I do.

It’s reciprocal, having the younger cadets there. The cadets will definitely learn from us, and we will learn from them. Because they are younger, they may develop some nervousness or fear, but we will be able to sit down with them.

These opportunities don’t come around often – it was out of the blue. It took me days to figure out whether it was real or not!

I have to be frank, I have had a hard life but it has brought me to the place I am today – I know there is nothing that I can’t overcome and this challenge will prove that.

Some people will have physical incapabilities, but no matter what whoever is there, they will make it because they will have people around them.  We all have to be interdependent on each other. We will rely on each other, it’s as simple as that.

There is no doubt it will be an extraordinary event. No matter how hard the people will struggle, they will come away with something and greatly enjoy the atmosphere.

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