How diving helped Josh Boggi’s recovery

Josh was in Afghanistan serving with the Royal Engineers as a member of a high-risk search team tasked with locating and disposing of hidden explosives and IEDs. Josh stepped on an IED and lost both his legs above the knee and his right arm below the elbow.

This life changing injury didn’t stop Josh from learning to walk again, he engaged in a number of sports and events like the Invictus Games and the Ride Across America. In 2016, he learnt how to dive and in 2017, was encouraged to join Deptherapy by a former engineer.

Josh quickly impressed the Deptherapy instructional team with his no-nonsense approach towards the standards he would have to meet and how he would achieve them as a triple amputee. He soon completed his PADI Advanced Open Water and Deep Courses.

“The Ocean terrifies me, every time I go down I think I am going to be attacked by something bigger than me, but this is why I do it, it takes me out of my comfort zone and puts me in a position where I am constantly being challenged. Doing these endeavours is helping me to overcome that fear and to prove people wrong when they question how a Triple Amputee can be a rescue diver.” – Josh Boggi

Josh has taken part in dives around the world, including Egypt, to see the iconic wreck of the Salem Express, where Josh easily dealt with choppy conditions, and Truk Lagoon, a dive he did not have the experience for, but the team were confident he was good enough to face the challenge of diving the wrecks of the Japanese fleet.

Josh really excelled on multiple dive trips that increased in complexity and developed new skills along the way. It was then that Josh tried the PADI rescue course. Josh completed the course to become the world’s first triple amputee rescue diver.

“Josh has become an icon in the disabled diving community and will speak at the UK’s Hyperbaric Medicine Annual Conference about disability and diving and to dispel some myths amongst the diving medicine community about diving for the disabled.” – Dr Richard Cullen from Deptherapy

Josh’s incredible story meant he was nominated for The Celebrating Excellence Awards at the Endeavour Fund Awards 2019. The award is given to the individual who has endeavoured to achieve excellence in their chosen sport or adventure challenge.

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