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Application Process

Your application will be considered by the Endeavour Fund Project Manager who will contact you with further questions. If deemed suitable, you will be invited to attend the Endeavour Fund Advisory Board where you will be asked to present your proposal.

If successful, the Endeavour Fund Project Manager will present your proposal to The Royal Foundation Board of Trustees for approval.

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Aims and expected/actual outcomes to date: 500 characters


A timeline showing key milestones: 500 characters


Budget for the whole endeavour or annual running costs for ongoing projects: 500 characters


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Any supporting documents can be uploaded here

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to the Endeavour fund. One of our team will be in touch soon.

Criteria For Endeavour Fund Beneficiaries

  1. The Endeavour Fund supports sporting or adventurous challenges conducted by wounded, injured or sick Service  personnel or veterans that were wounded, injured or became sick during their period of Service.
  2. The potential endeavour must pose a physical and mental challenge for the participant.
  3. There must be clear outcomes for the project beyond completion of the task.
  4. If still serving, the applicants must have formal backing from their Chain of Command and medical/rehab team. If no longer serving, the Endeavour Fund may seek the advice of medical professionals to recommend on the suitability of candidates for an activity.
  5. The activity must contribute to the personal recovery or rehabilitation of the participants.
  6. The endeavour must have a plan for amplifying the actions of its participants and therefore must be suitable for media exposure. It is not a requirement for all participants to engage with the media, but the activity itself must have merits recognisable and attractive to the media.
  7. The activity must be of a nature that provokes inspiration in both the wounded, injured and sick community and in the wider public.
  8. The Endeavour Fund model does not include the funding of projects in their entirety or ad infinitum.

The Endeavour Fund has finite resources and therefore not all challenges will be funded, even if they are eligible or fulfil all requirements.

General Enquiries

Please send us your query to¬†and give us some information on why you’re interested in being part of the Endeavour Fund team so we can direct your enquiry to the endeavour team leads.